Bay Protection and Toxic Cleanup Program - (BPTCP)

BPTCP Advisory Committee


This committee was established to assist the SWRCB in the implementation of the BPTCP (Section 13394.6(a) of the Water Code). The major purpose of the committee is to review the Program activities and provide its views on how the products of the BPTCP should be interpreted and used. The committee has members from (a) trade associations; (b) fee-paying dischargers; and (c) environmental, public interest, public health and wildlife conservation organizations.


Member Alternate
Scott Folwarkow (Chairperson), Western States Petroleum Association Pat Eckhardt, Pacific Gas and Electric
Alvin Greenberg (Vice Chairperson), Pacific Conservation League David Nesmith, Sierra Club
Ellen Johnck, Bay Planning Coalition Elizabeth Zimmerman, Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group
Laura Hunter, Environmental Health Coalition Michael Herz, Bay Keeper
Bob Kanter, Port of Long Beach Jim McGrath, Port of Oakland
Keith Nakatani, Save San Francisco Bay Association Kristine Wong, Save San Francisco Bay Association
M’K Veloz, Northern California Marine Association Ken Guziak, Balia/Unocal
Jaque Forrest, Heal the Bay Mark Gold, Heal the Bay
Geoff Brosseau Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Assn. Gary Hildebrand, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Bill Shelton, Lower Cosumnes RCD Carl Amundson, Florin RCD
Dave Tucker, City of San Jose Patti Tenbrook, East Bay Municipal Utilities District
Valerie Nera, California Chamber of Commerce Josh Tooker, California Chamber of Commerce