Climate Change and Water Resources (Water Policy Through a Carbon Lens)

The State Water Resources Control Board held a joint meeting with the Department of Water Resources to receive comments on Climate Change and Water Resources. Both agencies were interested in (1) how the goals of AB 32 can be met by integrating climate change into existing policies, regulatory responsibilities and grant programs; and (2) how climate change directly impacts the various programs and what can be done to address those impacts.

Company Representative
California Coastkeeper Alliance Linda Sheehan
Center for Biological Diversity Miyoko Sakashita
Central Valley Clean Water Association Stan Dean
Department of Land, Air and Water Resources Amy King
General Public Sandy Koz
General Public Harvey Sherback
General Public Felice Pace
NRDC David Beckman
Planning and Conservation League Matt Vander Sluis
Santa Clara Valley Water District Keith Whitman
Surfrider Foundation Joe Geever
Trout Unlimited Brian Johnson