Governor's Conservation Executive Orders and Proclamations

Executive Order B-40-17: Governor Lifts Drought Emergency and Retains Prohibitions on Wasteful Practices

  • Executive Order B-40-17 (04/07/17) Lifts the drought emergency in California counties except Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Tuolumne, where emergency drinking water projects continue to address diminished groundwater supplies. Retains prohibition on wasteful practices and advances measures to make conservation a way of life. The order also rescinds two emergency proclamations from January 2014 and April 2014 and four drought-related executive orders issued in 2014 and 2015.

Executive Order B-37-16: Making Conservation a California Way of Life

  • Executive Order B-37-16 (05/09/16) Sets forth actions to use water more wisely, eliminate water waste, strengthen local drought resilience, and improve agricultural water use efficiency and drought planning
  • Implementation of EO B-37-16 - State agencies prepare a conservation framework report for the Governor's Office, Legislature, and the public.  The report summarizes recommendations and actions to achieve the goal of making conservation a California way of life.

Executive Order B-36-15: Bolster State's Drought Response

Executive Order B-36-2015 (11/13/2015) Calls for additional actions to build on the state's ongoing response to record dry conditions and to assist recovery efforts from devastating wildfires.

Executive Order B-29-2015: Statewide 25 Percent Reduction in Potable Urban Water

Executive Order B-29-15 (4/1/2015) Calls for actions to save water, increase enforcement to prevent wasteful water use, streamline the state's drought response and invest in technologies that will make California more drought resilient. For the first time in state history, the Governor directs the State Water Resources Control Board to implement mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California to reduce water usage by 25 percent through February 2016, as compared to the amount used in 2013.

Executive Order B-28-2014: Suspend Certain CEQA Activities

Executive Order B-28-2014 (12/22/2014)
Extends the suspension of the California Environmental Quality Act for certain activities contained in the January 2014 and April 2014 Proclamations through May 31, 2016. This includes the State Water Board adoption of emergency regulations pursuant to Water Code section 1058.5.

Executive Order B-26-2014: Relief Efforts for Families with Drinking Water Shortages

Executive Order B-26-2014 (09/19/2014) Makes funding available through the California Disaster Assistance Act to provide water for drinking and sanitation to households currently without running water. The order also extends the state's prohibition on price gouging during emergencies to the current stage of the drought, recognizing the on-going nature of the drought emergency. Additionally, it directs the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Water Resources and the Governor's Offices of Emergency Services and Planning and Research to work together to identify acute drinking water shortages in domestic supplies and to work with counties and local agencies to implement solutions for those water shortages.

Executive Order B-25-2014: Continues State of Emergency

Emergency Proclamation (04/25/2014) Governor Brown calls for actions to strengthen the state's ability to manage water and habitat effectively in drought conditions and calls on all Californians to redouble their efforts to conserve water and refrain from wasting water. It also directs the State Water Board to adopt emergency regulations pursuant to Water Code section 1058.5 to implement water conservation requirements.

Executive Order B-17-2014: Governor Declares Drought State of Emergency

Emergency Proclamation (01/17/2014) Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. proclaims a State of Emergency and directs state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for these drought conditions.


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