Statewide Mercury Program

Scoping Comments regarding the Statewide Mercury CEQA Policy

Agency / Organization / Interested Party >Representative
Big Bear Municipal Water District Scott Heule
California Association of Sanitation Districts
Central Valley Clean Water Association
Roberta Larson
Terri Mitchell
Debbie Webster
California Department of Water Resources Anthony Chu
California Farm Bureau Federation Kari Fisher
California Indian Environmental Alliance Sherri Norris
City of Roseville Pauline Roccucci
City of San Diego Jim Fisher
Clean Water Action Andria Ventura
County of Plumas Sharon Thrall
County of Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Philip Friess
East Bay Municipal Utility District Michael Ambrose
El Dorado Irrigation District Daniel Corcoran
Friends of the North Fork Michael Garabedian
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Mark Sedlacek
National Park Service-Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Brian Rasmussen
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Diane Ross-Leech
Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy Craig Johns
Placer County Water Agency Andrew Fecko
Prospectors Club of Southern California Martin Milas
Public Lands for the People Inc. Gary Goldberg
Resident of Plumas County Aaron Seandel
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Scott Flake
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Steven Ritchie
San Joaquin River Group Dennis Westcot
San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority
State Water Contractors
Daniel Nelson
Terry Erlewine
Santa Clara Valley Water District Ann Draper
TechLaw Inc. Sandra Lunceford
Teichert Materials Becky L. Wood
United States Department of the Interior Michelle Denning
United States Environmental Protection Agency Janet Hashimoto

Need more information about the Statewide Mercury CEQA Policy?

  • Please email: Rik Rasmussen, Division of Water Quality, or phone (916) 341-5549