National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

NPDES Compliance Schedules Policy

Archer & Norris (behalf of Mirant California, Inc.) Peter McGaw
California Association of Sanitation Agencies, et al Roberta Larson
California Coastkeeper Alliance, et al. Linda Sheehan
California Stormwater Quality Association Chris Crompton
Central Valley Clean Water Association Debbie Webster
Central Valley Regional Water Board Kenneth D. Landau
City of Los Angeles - Department of Water and Power Katherine Rubin
City of Santa Rosa Greg Scoles
County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Raymond Tremblay
Department of Navy C.L. Stathos
General Public Ginn Doose
General Public Teresa Jordan
Los Angeles Regional Water Board Tracy Egoscue
Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy Craig Johns
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Wendell Kido
Tetratech Scott Keen
U.S Environmental Protection Agency Alexis Strauss
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan