Ocean Standards

California Ocean Plan – Model Ocean Discharge Monitoring

State Water Resources Control Board held stakeholder meetings to discuss a staff proposal for Model Ocean Discharge Monitoring amendments to the California Ocean Plan. The State Water Board, in the California Ocean Plan Triennial Review and Workplan 2005-08 (Resolution 2005-0080), directed staff to consider proposed amendments to Appendix III, Standard Monitoring and Reporting Requirements. Staff is considering amendments that will address both permitted non-storm water (e.g., municipal and industrial wastewater) and storm water point sources, as well as agricultural nonpoint sources.

The State Water Board accepted both written comments and oral suggestions on the proposed amendments to the staff proposal for amending the California Ocean Plan ocean discharge monitoring requirements.

Company Representative Date Received
Orange County Chris Crompton
San Diego, City of Chris Zirkle
John L. Hunter and Associates, Inc. John Hunter
University of California, San Diego Julie Hampel
Heal the Bay and California Coastkeeper Alliance Kirsten James et.al.
Redondo Beach, City of Michael Shay
Oceanside, City of - Clean Water Program Mo Lahsaiezadeh
Manhattan Beach, City of - Public Works Neil Miller
Hermosa Beach, City of Richard Morgan
Los Angeles City - Department of Water and Power Susan Damron

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