Wastewater Operator Certification Program


Wastewater Operator Certificates are valid for three years from the date of issuance. At least 60 calendar days before the expiration of a wastewater treatment plant operator certificate, WWOCP will send a written notification of the expiration date to the certificate holder at their address of record; however, it is the operators' responsibility to submit an application for renewal along with the appropriate fees. Failure to receive a notice of renewal letter from the Wastewater Operator Certification Program does not relieve the certificate holder from the responsibility of renewing a certificate before the expiration date. The application must be received before the certification expiration date. Operators will receive a new certificate within 30 calendar days from receipt of completed renewal application.

Renewal is very important; as it is illegal to work as an operator with an expired certificate.

An operator has one year in which he/she can submit a reinstatement application plus a $100.00 fee to reinstate their expired application. The new certificate will have a new issuance date with an expiration date of three years from renewal date. If the application is received more than one year from the expiration date and the applicant has taken and passed the exam within the last four years then the application will be accepted. If it has been more than four years since the applicant passed their Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Examination, they will be required to retake the examination before they could become re-certified. Please direct questions about renewals or reinstatements to the Wastewater Operator Certification Program at: wwopcertprogram@waterboards.ca.gov.

Mailing Address
State Water Resources Control Board
Wastewater Operator Certification
P.O. Box 944212
1001 I Street, 17th Floor
Sacramento, CA 94244-2120

Questions or Comments?

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact the WWOCP at: wwopcertprogram@waterboards.ca.gov or (916) 341-5819.