Resource Alignment Project

On October 18, 2011 the State Water Board adopted Resolution No. 2011-0052, directing staff to prepare a report that assessed and aligned Water Board priorities, resources, and performance targets. This “Resource Alignment Report” was completed and posted to the State Water Board’s website in April 2012. At the direction of the State Water Board, staff prepared a subsequent workplan specifying follow-up actions related to the Resource Alignment Report. This second phase of the Board’s resource alignment efforts will focus on assessing opportunities for reducing the costs of compliance for dischargers subject to Water Board oversight under the NPDES wastewater, stormwater, irrigated lands, and waste discharge requirement programs. The overall project goals are to identify and implement opportunities to reduce the costs of compliance in these programs where feasible and to maximize the utility/benefit arising from discharger compliance actions, including benefits to the regulated community and to the environment at large.

Information and participation from the regulated community will be needed to successfully assess costs of compliance and identify potential options for reducing these costs. Moving forward, the Water Boards will work with participating stakeholders to help gather and validate data on compliance costs and opportunities to reduce these costs.

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