SSS Incident Map

A sanitary sewer spill is a discharge of sewage from any portion of a sanitary sewer system due to a sanitary sewer system overflow, operational failure, and/or infrastructure failure.

The data displayed in this map represents spill reports for individual locations where sewage was discharged from a sanitary sewer system enrolled under the Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Systems Order, WQO No. 2022-0103-DWQ (the Statewide Sanitary Sewer Systems Order). Spill incidents from a sanitary sewer system may result in discharges from multiple locations and have more than one spill report in the database.

The data used to display the spill reports on these maps is dynamic and may change without notice. The data is based on the latest information for spill reports (certified or amended reports only) from individual sewer systems enrolled under the Statewide Sanitary Sewer Systems Order. The State Water Resources Control Board provides a hosting service for all spill reports and has a “view only” access to the information. For specific questions related to spill incidents, please contact the appropriately indicated reporting agency or responsible party.

  For additional information about the Statewide Sanitary Sewer Order or online CIWQS Sanitary Sewer System Database, please visit the Sanitary Sewer Systems General Order page at:

Sanitary Sewer Spills

Spill type:  red cross Category 1   yellow circle Category 2   orange triangle Category 3   
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