Bay-Delta Program - San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary

Water Use Efficiency

The Bay Delta Strategic Workplan established this objective to increase sustainable water supplies available statewide to meet existing and future beneficial uses by: 1) increasing recycled water use by 980,000 acre-feet per year by 2020 in excess of 2002 levels, 2) achieving a 20 percent reduction in per capita water use statewide by 2020 and 3) encouraging more efficient agricultural water use.

  1. Recycled Water Policy
    Long-term Water Recycling Activities include adoption and implementation of a State policy for water quality control to require the development of Water Recycling Plans, through the NPDES/WDR renewal cycle, for wastewater treatment plants located in areas using imported water supplies and require these NPDES/WDR applicants to recycle a percentage of wastewater within a particular timeframe as may be required by the State Water Board in its water recycling policy. The policy would also require all permittees in areas importing water to justify in each permit cycle why effluent is not being reclaimed for beneficial use.

    For more information on water recycling, please contact Gordon Innes (email) or at (916) 341-5517

  2. 20 X 2020 Agency Team on Water Conservation

  3. Urban Conservation Regulatory Program
    The actions to address water use efficiency for urban and agricultural water users. include an assessment of whether to develop an urban water conservation regulatory program and, if so, what the regulatory program should be.