Integrated Report Document Upload Portal


This portal allows contributors to the California Integrated Report to submit data, information and other document types not accepted by the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). This includes continuous monitoring data, Quality Assurance documentation, photographic evidence, and narrative information. Regardless of the Integrated Report cycle, data and information can be submitted at any time and is encouraged.

The 2026 Integrated Report Data Solicitation period is now open! The 2026 Integrated Report will assess data collected from waterbodies in the North Coast, Lahontan, and Colorado River Basin Regional Water Boards, and the San Joaquin sub-area of the Central Valley Regional Water Board (please refer to an interactive map of the Regional Water Boards).

Submissions received prior to October 21, 2022 will be considered for the 2026 Integrated Report Cycle.

Select the “Submit Document Types” button below to access the Integrated Report Upload Portal. Please note, you will need an Integrated Report Portal account to submit data and documents. Please follow the instructions to Log In or Register for an account. Once logged in, you will have the chance to select which submission type you will be completing.

If you are submitting Quality Assurance (“QA”) Documentation such as a Quality Assurance Project Plan (“QAPP”), QAPP equivalent, or a site-specific/project-specific analysis plan for a CEDEN project or Non-CEDEN Data and Information, select “Upload QA Documentation”.

  • All QA Documentation submissions must include the dates for which the QAPP, QAPP equivalent, and site-specific/project-specific analysis plans are applicable.
  • For QA Documentation supporting CEDEN data, use the CEDEN Parent Project name and, if applicable, the Project Code(s).
  • For QA Documentation supporting non-CEDEN Data and Information, use the same Project Name as the Data and Information submission.

If you are submitting other non-CEDEN compatible documents, select “Upload Other Non-CEDEN Documents”.

Other Non-CEDEN Documents include non-CEDEN Data and Information and other supplemental information to support CIWQS data.

  • Non-CEDEN data and information can include continuous monitoring data, narrative information, or photographic evidence.
    • These data types can be uploaded to supplement a CEDEN submission (e.g., photographs taken at a CEDEN station) or on their own. If it’s supplemental to a CEDEN submission, you will need your CEDEN Parent Project name.
    • The submission must include geospatial information, such as latitude and longitude of each sampling station, photograph, or other information, as applicable. Geospatial information may be submitted as a separate attachment.

See the Data and Information Submittal Requirements for complete details on the minimum data elements and quality requirements for submittal.