Our Performance

Healthy Watersheds – A Vision for the Future

A Performance-Based Organization

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Executive Program in Leadership Excellence

  • UC Davis Executive Program
    • Mental Models (Neil Nodine, J.D.)
    • Leading with Social Intelligence (Virginia Hamilton, Ph.D.)
    • Difficult Conversations (Gene Crumley, M. Div)
    • Effective Workplaces (Michelle Jackman, M.A.)
    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Dianna Wright, Ph.D.)
    • Strategic Leadership: Passion, Purpose, and Performance (Robert Smith, Ph.D.)
    • Strategic Decision Making (Daniel Glaze)
    • Knowing-Doing Gap (Gene Crumley, M. Div)

The Central Coast Board is committed to making the organization more effective and realizing our Vision of Healthy Watersheds. In addition, we are committed to learning to expand our personal capacity to create tangible results, and to creating an organizational environment which encourages all its members to develop themselves toward the goals and purposes they choose and those that we have collectively chosen for the organization.