Salinas River Watershed Organophosphate Pesticides and Toxicity TMDL


On June 16, 2022, the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for organophosphate pesticides and toxicity in the lower Salinas River watershed, located in Monterey County. Reducing organophosphate pesticide loading into waterbodies within the lower Salinas River watershed will reduce the frequency and severity of aquatic toxicity. The TMDL implementation strategy describes how the Water Board’s regulatory mechanisms will address organophosphate pesticide loads from various sources in order to attain water quality standards.


November 2, 2023 – TMDL Documents for Public Review and Comment (November 2, 2023 – December 22, 2023)

October 6, 2023 – Notice of Opportunity for Participation

September 27, 2022 – Notice of Availability for Public Comment and State Board meeting (English | Español)

June 16, 2022 – Central Coast Water Board Adopted TMDL documents
Staff Report

  1. Resolution R3-2022-0020
    1. Attachment A to Resolution R3-2022-0020: Basin Plan Amendment
  2. TMDL Project Technical Report
  3. CEQA Checklist and Analysis
  4. Notice of Opportunity to Comment
  5. Notice of Public Hearing

Draft TMDL Documents (3/11/2022)

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Status and Public Notices

Approval status

  • Adopted by the Central Coast Water Board on June 16, 2022.