ILRP Forms & Templates

Commercially irrigated growers are required to obtain regulatory coverage under the ILRP and prepare farm management plans using templates approved by the Central Valley Regional Board.

Forms to Obtain Regulatory Coverage

  • Apply to join a Coalition Group
    Coalition groups work directly with their members to assist in complying with third-party order requirements by conducting monitoring and preparing regional plans to address water quality problems.
  • Obtain Coverage under Individual Waste Discharge Requirements
    This option consists of bearing the full cost and responsibility for compliance, monitoring, and reporting directly to the Water Board. It is for dischargers who wish to obtain regulatory coverage under the WDRs General Order for Discharges from Irrigated Lands within the Central Valley Region for Dischargers not Participating in a Third-party Group.

Approved Templates

Templates have been approved for the Farm Evaluation, INMP, INMP Summary Report, Rice-Specific NMP, and SCEP. All approved Farm Evaluation templates can be obtained and completed through a member's coalition group. All other approved templates have been linked below.

Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan (INMP) & INMP Summary Report

The INMP and INMP Summary Report templates were created by the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition (ESJWQC) and are approved by the Central Valley Regional Board for all Central Valley Water Quality Coalitions (coalitions), except for the California Rice Commission (CRC). The templates are available to members by all Third-Party (coalition) Groups (except the CRC) and can also be found on the ESJWQC website, linked below.

In 2020, members in all coalitions (except the CRC) were required to start using the INMP templates in place of the old NMP and NMP Summary Report templates. Coalition members are required to complete INMPs and submit INMP Summary Reports to their coalition.

Rice-Specific Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP)

This template is approved for only the California Rice Commission (CRC) and applies to Rice Growers in the Sacramento Valley.

Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP)

The SECP template is approved for all Central Valley Water Quality Coalitions, except for the California Rice Commission.

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