ILRP Surface Water Data & Submission Resources

This webpage serves to provide public access to the surface water quality monitoring data collected under the ILRP. Data is submitted to the ILRP by participating third parties and then processed by the ILRP Data Management Team (DMT) before becoming publicly available in an electronic format. For questions regarding ILRP Surface Water Quality Data, please contact Chris Jimmerson at


Surface water quality monitoring data collected under the ILRP are available on the California Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) website. The CEDEN table below details what data are currently available. The availability of the most recently submitted data is subject to submission schedules, processing, review and upload of the data by the DMT. The DMT strives to make data available to CEDEN and the public as quickly as possible.

To retrieve data on the CEDEN website, first select "Regional Board" under the "Region Type Selection" drop down menu. Then click and select: "5:Central Valley" under the "Regional Boards" menu and "Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program" under the "Select Programs" menu. Once this is done, enter in the appropriate data range and "Retrieve Data".

Coalition Project Available Date Range
East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition Jul-31-2004 to Sep-23-2021
San Joaquin & Delta Water Quality Coalition Aug-24-2004 to Sep-15-2021
Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition Jul-12-2004 to Jun-29-2021
Westside San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition Sep-08-2008 to Feb-08-2022
Westlands Storm Water Coalition Jan-03-2005 to Sep-28-2020
Grasslands Bypass Project Oct-01-1995 to Dec-31-2021
Buena Vista Coalition Apr-30-2013 to Dec-21-2017
California Rice Commission Jul-27-2004 to Aug-04-2021
Cawelo Water District Apr-01-2014 to Mar-01-2022
Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority Jan-02-2014 to Mar-15-2022
Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association Jan-26-2014 to Sep-29-2021
Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority Jan-20-2014 to Sep-21-2021
Tule Basin Water Quality Coalition Jan-17-2014 to Mar-15-2022
Southern San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition Jul-06-2004 to Dec-09-2013 (complete)
Goose Lake Coalition May-15-2007 to Jul-13-2012 (complete)
Modesto Irrigation District Jul-06-2004 to Jan-25-2009 (complete)
Merced Irrigation District Jul-12-2004 to Sep-16-2008 (complete)
Turlock Irrigation District Jul-14-2004 to Jul-23-2008 (complete)
San Luis Water District Mar-17-2006 to Feb-28-2007 (complete)
Oakdale Irrigation District Jun-23-2004 to Oct-06-2008 (complete)
Ag Waiver RWQCB5 (UCD Phase I & II Study) Mar-26-2003 to Nov-29-2007 (complete)
Last Transfer Date: 6/1/2022

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