Notices of Violation

Please see the following link to the California Integrated Water Quality (CIWQS) Public Report Page for Enforcement Reports, Notices of Violation (NOV), Interactive Violation Reports, Data from Electronic Self-Monitoring Reports, Facilities Reports, and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Reports.

The Interactive Violation Report allows the user to select whether the first display is by county, regional board, or violation type. The user then is given options to choose program type, violation source, agency type, and date range. The user can then drill down to a listing of facilities with violations and then to more details about a particular facility’s violations, in accordance with the original criteria selected. For more information about the report and how to navigate, we have developed a Fact Sheet.

To view NOVs select Interactive Violation Reports > select Display Results > select Date Range > select Run Report. Next select the linked violations next to region and select the facility of interest below the Facility column. NOVs can be found under the Enforcement Action drop-down menu and are often hyperlinked as "null". Select null to download an NOV.

If you have any questions on this database or current enforcement actions within the North Coast Region please contact Region 1's Enforcement Coordinator Jeremiah Puget at or 707-576-2835.