Water Quality Certification Public Notices

Water Quality Certification Actions - Applicants for federal permits that involve dredge or fill activities in surface waters (including wetlands) are required to obtain certification from the state verifying that the activity will comply with state water quality standards. Most of these federal permits are referred to as 404 permits (in reference to Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act). Applicants for some other types of federal license or permits (ex. FERC licenses) that authorize activities that may result in discharges to waters of the United States are also required to obtain state certification. This state certification is called 401 Certification (in reference to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act). In California, 401 certification actions are the responsibility of the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards. It is the policy of this Regional Board to provide public notice of pending 401 Certification actions in order to gather comments from concerned agencies and the public. The following list contains notification of pending 401 Certification actions.

 Project Name WDID County  Location Description Comment period Contact Info
Eureka High School – Albee Stadium Renovation Project 1B22076WNHU Humboldt  1915 J Street in Eureka, at latitude 40.790460°N, -124.155234°W. The primary purpose of the Project is to rehabilitate the failing storm drain system (and renovate various athletic and educational facilities) at Eureka High School. The Project involves replacing 1,500 linear feet of an existing 30-inch diameter concrete storm drainpipe that conveys Cooper Creek beneath the football and baseball fields with a new 42-inch diameter high-performance polypropylene storm drain pipe that can pass the 100-year storm flow. The Project will also replace culvert inlet/outlet headwalls and rock energy dissipators, and construct new bioretention basins to manage and treat stormwater associated with the athletic facility.  March 30, 2023 through April 19, 2023 Maggie Teicher
City of Trinidad - Trinidad Water Storage and Pipeline Replacement Project 1B23015WNHU Humboldt 40.801389°, -124.151562° The purpose of this Project is to replace 1.4 miles of pipelines and construct a 300,000 gallon storage tank and chlorination booster system for the City of Trinidad. Project improvements would reduce average water system loss from existing leaky and old AC water lines loss, improve water storage capacity, increase fire resiliency with increased distribution capacity to fire hydrants and resiliency of a new steel storage tank, and generate operational efficiency with direct supply feed and separate distribution lines.
Project components include the installation of 6,400 feet of 8-inch water feed supply main along Westhaven Drive from the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to the water tanks with dual lines including 1,500 feet of 10-inch distribution line and 5,250 feet of 6-inch distribution line. The existing 150,000 gallon redwood storage tank will be replaced with a 300,000 gallon steel water storage tank, with additional valving, and a chlorine booster system for the distribution system. In addition, 800 feet of 8-inch water main will be installed on Edwards Street from Hector to Galindo with cluster valves, pressure regulating valve, fire hydrant and blowoff near the end of eastern Van Wyke Trail. The temporary above ground water line along the bluff servicing Van Wycke Street will be removed.
March 22, 2023 through April 11, 2023 Maggie Teicher
Marshall Ranch Flow Enhancement Project 1B23003WNHU Humboldt 40.1042°N, 123.9010°W This Project would construct off-channel water storage and associated plumbing infrastructure to deliver flow augmentation to Redwood Creek to improve instream aquatic habitat. Two ponds and three tanks would be filled with wet-season runoff, rainwater catchment, and water diverted from two small Redwood Creek tributaries. Ancillary project components would include: installing large wood habitat enhancement and bank stabilization in Redwood Creek, regrading and installation of rock armor grade control structures in three gullied tributaries, upgrading three stream crossings with culverts sized to 100-year flow capacities, and installing plumbing infrastructure to allow for water storage for domestic, ranch, and fire suppression needs. Compensatory mitigation is not required because this project is expected to decrease erosion and sediment delivery and improve water quality and habitat conditions to Redwood Creek and tributaries. Construction of upslope project components would begin as early as April 15, 2023 and construction of all project components is expected to take 142 days to complete.   March 10, 2023 through March 31, 2023 Shannon Strong
Storm Damage Repairs to Cockrobin Island Road Project 1B23004WNHU Humboldt 40.634762°, -124.281276° The County of Humboldt proposes roadway repair activities along a 200-foot section of river bank and roadway (approximately 0.137 acres). Project includes rock slope protection (approximately 1,130 cubic yards) with a bio-engineered stabilization feature. The project would protect the repaired roadway and embankment from further damage during storm events and increased river flows. 

The County is proposing to limit in-channel heavy equipment work (i.e. excavation; rock placement) to occur only during low-tide periods during daylight hours. The bio-engineering component (willow plantings) would provide riparian habitat, fisheries habitat as well as prevent future erosion and scour of the embankment. The proposed project would occur between June 15th and October 15th.
March 10, 2023 to March 31, 2023 Amanda Piscitelli, amanda.piscitelli@waterboards.ca.gov
(707) 445-6126