Water Quality Certification Public Notices

Water Quality Certification Actions - Applicants for federal permits that involve dredge or fill activities in surface waters (including wetlands) are required to obtain certification from the state verifying that the activity will comply with state water quality standards. Most of these federal permits are referred to as 404 permits (in reference to Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act). Applicants for some other types of federal license or permits (ex. FERC licenses) that authorize activities that may result in discharges to waters of the United States are also required to obtain state certification. This state certification is called 401 Certification (in reference to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act). In California, 401 certification actions are the responsibility of the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards. It is the policy of this Regional Board to provide public notice of pending 401 Certification actions in order to gather comments from concerned agencies and the public. The following list contains notification of pending 401 Certification actions.

 Project Name WDID County  Location Description Comment period Contact Info
Dennis O'Leary Property Bank Stabilization Project 1B23119WNSO Sonoma 38.507722 °N, 123.03655 °W The purpose of this project is to stabalize the westerly bank of Mission Creek with RSP interspered with willow and other plantings, replace an 18" culvert, and outslope the adjacent driveway. Permanent impacts include 0.02 acres (80 Linear ft.) of riparian area. Temporary impacts include 0.03 acres (100 linear ft.) of riparian area. Construction duration will be approximately 10 days with an end date of October 31, 2023. 9/21/23 - 10/12/23 Emma Tracy,
Orchards Apartments Outfall Drainage 1B23044WNHU Humboldt 40.5930, -124.1442 The purpose of the project is to allow for the construction of a 70-unit multifamily development (The Orchards Apartments) on a 2.7-acre parcel in a multifamily residential district. Neighboring uses consist of multifamily uses to the south, east, and west, and commercial to the north-west and southwest. All areas will ultimately drain to two bio-retention ponds located on the west end of the site. Each pond is equipped with an overflow drain which discharges into underground pipes. The outflow pipe from the southern pond connects with the outflow pipe from the northern pond and discharges into Hillside Creek through an 18-inch diameter pipe. A flap gate installed on the end of the pipe. The pipe will be armored on all sides with RSP rip rap. Impacts to waters of the state include 0.01 acres of permanent and 0.01 acres of temporary impacts to stream channel/bank. Mitigation for permanent impacts wouod be conducted on-site. 9/5/2023 to 9/26/2023 Ryan Bey,