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Point Source & Nonpoint Source Grants, Loans, and Funding

The Division of Financial Assistance (DFA) administers the implementation of the State Water Resources Control Board's (State Water Board) financial assistance programs, that include loan and grant funding for construction of municipal sewage and water recycling facilities, remediation for underground storage tank releases, watershed protection projects, nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control projects, and others.

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Clean Water Act Section 319(h)

The State Water Resources Control Board Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program administers grant money it receives from United States Environmental Protection Agency through Section 319(h) of the Federal Clean Water Act. These grant funds can be used to implement projects or programs that will help to reduce NPS pollution. Projects that qualify for funding must be conducted within the state's NPS priority watersheds. Project proposals that address Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) implementation and those that address problems in impaired waters are favored in the selection process. There is also a focus on implementing management activities that lead to reduction and/or prevention of pollutants that threaten or impair surface and ground waters.

Solicitation typically begins each year in September and ends in the middle of December. Grant Guidelines are posted on the link below. It is highly recommended that groups interested in applying contact the Regional Waterboards grant coordinator prior to submitting an NPS 319(h) grant application.

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Fire Recovery Funding

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Contact Information

If you have questions about grants and funding opportunities in the North Coast Region, please contact:

Carrieann Lopez, Environmental Scientist
Grants Coordination - Adaptive Management Unit
(707) 576-6745