Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2021

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San Francisco Water Board honors advocacy group for legislation that will help limit sewage overflows 12/15/2021 Region 2 / Water Quality  
The Los Angeles Water Board issues a cease and desist, investigative orders directing the owner of a warehouse in Gardena to stop discharging contaminants from a fire 12/14/2021 Region 4 / Water Quality  
State Water Board celebrates groundwater project, seawater intrusion protection in Santa Cruz 12/10/2021 Sacramento  
State Water Board creates world’s first standardized methods for testing microplastics in drinking water
New standards seen as crucial to Board’s four-year testing plan
12/06/2021 Drinking Water  
New appointees bring diverse backgrounds and viewpoints to state’s drinking water advisory group 12/06/2021 Drinking Water  
Racial Equity Resolution Adopted 11/22/2021 General  
State Water Board celebrates City of Maywood’s groundwater filtration system 11/18/2021 Region 4 / Water Quality  
DNA testing for E. coli in American River traces most causes to wildlife, not humans 11/15/2021 Region 5 / Water Quality  
State sends first payments as part of $1 billion pandemic-related water debt relief program 11/02/2021 Drinking Water  
Redondo Beach Coastal Power Plant Compliance Extension 10/21/2021 Region 4 / Water Quality  
State Water Board helps Fort Bragg launch desalination system in innovative response to drought emergency
Expedited funding helped project move swiftly
10/12/2021 Drinking Water  
Low water levels trigger curtailments for Mill, Deer creeks 10/12/2021 Water Rights  
The State Water Board approved measures that will restore instream flows to Mono Lake tributaries 10/08/2021 Water Rights  
Global real estate company agrees to pay $565,304 for unauthorized discharges at construction site
Exeter reaches settlement with Santa Ana Water Board
09/29/2021 Region 8 / Enforcement  
Placer County community's water system consolidation improves drinking water reliability, resilience 09/23/2021 Drinking Water  
State Water Board Adopts Guidelines for Paying off Pandemic-Related Water Bill Debt
Funds to be paid directly to water systems to credit customers’ accounts
09/23/2021 Drinking Water  
State Water Board approves emergency curtailment regulation for Mill and Deer Creeks
Measures would maintain minimum flows to protect fish
09/22/2021 Water Rights  
Imperial Irrigation District settlement leads to water quality upgrade for disadvantaged households
$549,000 fine will be used to provide Point of Entry water treatment
09/20/2021 Region 7 / Enforcement  
North Coast Water Board proposes $4.5 million fine against quarry operator for alleged Clean Water Act violations 09/13/2021 Region 1 / Water Quality  
Critically low flows prompt emergency curtailment orders for Scott, Shasta Rivers 09/13/2021 Water Rights  
Food Safety Project White Paper: No elevated risk from food grown with oil field produced water 09/10/2021 Region 5 / Water Quality  
Proposed agreement would commit $600 million to expand San Francisco’s sewer capacity and reduce overflows 09/03/2021 Region 2  
Monterey One Water to pay $800,000 for discharges of untreated wastewater into Monterey Bay 08/17/2021 Region 3 / Enforcement  
Low water levels trigger curtailments for Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Acute water shortages prompt urgent action following emergency regulation in early August
08/20/2021 Water Rights  
Harmful algal blooms reported at Mono County’s Crowley Lake; Caution urged for all water users 08/19/2021 Region 6  
State Water Board approves emergency curtailment regulation for Scott and Shasta Rivers
Measures would maintain minimum flows to protect fish
08/17/2021 Water Rights  
Jayne Joy appointed executive officer of Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
Hope Smythe retiring after 37-year career
08/06/2021 Region 8  
Caution urged after harmful alagal bloom detected in Russian River in Sonoma County
Toxic algae pose serious threat to children, pets
08/05/2021 Water Quality  
State Water Board adopts an emergency regulation for Delta watershed that authorizes curtailments 08/04/2021 Water Rights  
Low storage levels trigger curtailments in Upper Russian River 08/02/2021 Water Rights  
LA Water Board Adopted a new MS4 permit that sets limits on pollution that is discharged from storm drains. 07/28/2021 Region 4 / Water Quality  
Divers are removing invasive algae species from Newport Bay
Water Boards are part of multi-agency effort
07/12/2021 Region 8 / Water Quality  
North Complex Watershed Working Group’s post-fire water quality monitoring project to conclude
Working Group transitions to normal operations
07/08/2021 Water Quality  
Settlement reached but monitoring continues of crude oil release in Ventura County watershed
$330,218 in fines will be deposited in the Waste Discharge Permit Fund
06/30/2021 Region 4 / Enforcement  
San Diego Water Board orders federal treatment plant to stop discharge permit violations
Agency also directed to make repairs at wastewater border facility
06/29/2021 Region 9 / Enforcement  
PG&E settlement for once-through-cooling discharges at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant
06/22/2021 Water Quality  
Numerous harmful algal blooms detected in Sonoma County waters prompt need for heightened public awareness
06/22/2021 Water Quality  
Caution urged for visitors to Discovery Bay after harmful algal blooms spotted in several areas 06/22/2021 Region 5 / Water Quality  
Court decision upholds $2.8 million fine, clears path for long-awaited restoration of Point Buckler Island
Unauthorized levee construction considered brazen and harmful
06/17/2021 Region 2 / Enforcement  
Worsening drought conditions prompt emergency action in Russian River watershed
State Water Board adopts new regulations to stop diversions
06/15/2021 Water Rights  
Drought conditions prompt restrictions for some Delta water right holders
Additional action may be needed later this summer
06/15/2021 Water Rights  
Laguna Beach reaches $1.5 million settlement for wastewater collection system failure
Raw sewage spilled into Pacific Ocean Marine Protected Areas
06/09/2021 Region 9 / Enforcement  
Pistachio processing facility in Tulare County will pay $221,440 fine for odor violations
Numerous residents complained of stench from wastewater pond
06/09/2021 Region 5 / Enforcement  
State Agencies call on water managers to promote water conservation 06/08/2021 General  
"SAFER Summer Series” to engage communities in developing drinking water solutions 06/03/2021 Water Quailty  
Extremely dry conditions prompt restrictions for some water right holders on the Scott River
Low flows threaten survival of endangered species
06/01/2021 Water Rights  
HABs awareness: Keep family members and pets from harm by learning basics of harmful algal blooms
Safe water activities include knowing about HABS
05/28/2021 Water Quality  
Public advised to avoid contact with water at Glen Helen Regional Park after harmful algal bloom sighting
Children and dogs are especially vulnerable to serious health impacts
05/28/2021 Region 8 / Water Quality  
Extremely dry conditions prompt restrictions for some water right holders on the Russian River
Low flows are a threat to drinking water supplies, endangered fish
05/26/2021 Water Rights  
Santa Ana Water Board renews discharge permit for proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant 05/06/2021 Water Quality  
People and their pets should avoid water contact at Salton Sea due to toxic algae outbreak
Recent death of a dog underscores potential consequences
04/23/2021 Water Quality  
Nestle told to cease unauthorized diversions in San Bernardino National Forest
State Water Board investigation finds multiple violations
04/23/2021 Water Rights Enforcement  
Central Coast Regional Water Board adopts General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands 04/16/2021 Region 3 / Water Quality  
Report offers first in-depth picture of California water systems struggling to provide safe drinking water
Assessment will inform upcoming funding priorities
04/09/2021 Drinking Water  
U.S. EPA program funds California watershed restoration
Water Board leverages EPA support to protect water quality in seven counties
04/08/2021 General  
City of Colfax agrees to settlement for Bunch Creek sewage spill 03/26/2021 Region 5 / Enforcement  
Continued dry conditions prompt early warning about potential water shortages
Water users urged to reduce and conserve
03/22/2021 Water Rights  
100,000 Central Valley residents impacted by contaminated drinking water will soon see interim solutions
Short-term and permanent fixes for drinking water contaminated with nitrates
03/15/2021 Region 5 / Water Quality  
Cannabis cultivation company settles with Colorado River Basin Water Board for illegal discharges
$125,000 fine will renovate city’s water supply infrastructure
03/09/2021 Region 7 / Enforcement  
Court ruling upholds $2.8 million penalty, protects sensitive marsh land in Suisun Bay
After massive and unauthorized levee construction, Point Buckler Island to be restored
03/02/2021 Region 2 / Enforcement  
Expert Panel: Food Grown with Produced Water Safe for Human Consumption
02/17/2021 Water Quality  
State Water Board awards 97.9 million for stormwater projects
02/12/2021 Water Quality  
Shasta County property owner fined $25,000 for water quality violations at cannabis grow site
01/29/2021 Cannabis  
Drinking water quality impacts from North Complex fires found to be minimal.
01/28/2021 Water Quality  
State Water Boards adopts new rule for winery wastewater processing and discharging
New rule result of five-year collaboration with wineries
01/21/2021 Water Quality  
Survey results show COVID-19 financial impact on water systems, customers 01/19/2021 General