Online Cannabis Compliance Gage Mapping Tool

Cannabis Policy Compliance Gage Assignments - Mapping Tool Description and Purpose

This webpage is designed to provide cannabis cultivators that divert from surface water with a tool to check whether they may divert for cannabis cultivation on a given day.  A summary of some of the main Cannabis Policy’s requirements related to diversion of water for cannabis cultivation is available below.

How to Use the Mapping Tool:

  1. Navigate to your point of diversion by either entering your address in the search bar or zooming in on the map. (You may need to click on the “OK” box if it’s your first time visiting the mapping tool.)
  2. Click on the map to identify the location of your point of diversion and a Gage Pop-Up Box will appear with information about whether the DIVERSION IS AUTHORIZED or the DIVERSION IS NOT AUTHORIZED for that day. Cannabis cultivators are required to check if water is available to divert at their point of diversion (e.g., pump inlet) at least daily, prior to diverting.
  3. If you see “More Information Needed” in the Gage Pop-Up Box, please refer to the Instructions for Using the Cannabis Compliance Gaging Tool below.
  4. If you see “Contact SWRCB at in the Gage Pop-Up Box, please refer to the Instructions for Using the Cannabis Gage Mapping Tool.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Mapping Tool, see the Instructions for Using the Cannabis Compliance Gage Mapping Tool.  For more information about the terms (e.g., DIVERSION AUTHORIZED, etc.), please refer to the Definitions of Pop-Up Box Attributes and Fields.

The map below identifies compliance gage assignments for cannabis cultivators with a surface water diversion based on the location of the point of diversion.

Summary of Main Cannabis Policy Requirements Related to Cannabis Surface Water Diversions:

Below is a summary of some of the Cannabis Policy Requirements Related to Cannabis Surface Water Diversions. Full text of the requirements below is available here.

  • Cannabis cultivators who are diverting surface water are required to check this website for their compliance gage assignment at least daily and prior to diverting water to ensure water is available to divert at that gage (i.e., the prior day’s average flow is greater than the Numeric Flow Requirement at the assigned compliance gage).
  • The diversion season is from December 15 of each year to March 31 of the succeeding year, providing the prior day’s daily average flow is greater than the applicable minimum instream flow requirement.
    • For the period of November 1 through December 15 of each year, diversion may be authorized under certain circumstances.  (Attachment A, Section 3, Requirement 5).
  • Cannabis cultivators shall not divert surface water for cannabis cultivation activities at any time from April 1 through October 31 of each calendar year.
    • During the 2018 surface water forbearance period, certain exceptions may apply to those who are diverting under a water right that does not include storage.  (Attachment A Section 3, Requirement 4).
  • The cannabis cultivator shall install and maintain a measuring device(s) for surface water or subterranean stream diversions. Cannabis cultivators shall maintain daily diversion records for water diverted for cannabis cultivation. Daily diversion records shall be retained for a minimum of five years. (Attachment A, Section 2, Requirement 85).
  • Under certain circumstances, Retail Water Suppliers who deliver water for cannabis must comply with the instream flow requirements.  (Attachment A, Section 3, Requirements 2 and 9).

Additional Resources:

Point of Contact
California State Water Resources Control Board
Division of Water Rights
Cannabis Section
Phone Number: (916) 341-5363