Seawater Intrusion Control Loan Program

Amount: $35 million

Appropriations: The funds are continuously appropriated.

Program Description: The program provides low-interest loans to local agencies to design and construct seawater intrusion control facilities in a basin where groundwater is threatened by seawater intrusion, that is subject to a local groundwater management plan, and where restrictions on groundwater pumping, a physical solution, or both, are necessary to prevent the destruction of, or irreparable injury to, groundwater quality.

Historical Implementation: The Seawater Intrusion Control Loan Program in Proposition 13 is identical to the program in the 1996 Bond Law (Proposition 204). Proposition 13 provides additional funds and rolls the 1996 Bond Law funds into its subaccount. At the time Proposition 13 was enacted, there still were funds remaining in the 1996 Bond Law subaccount.

Tasks and Timetable: The program is ongoing. Program staff continues to work with potential applicants to expedite project approvals.

Implementation Process: The SWRCB discussed staff recommendations regarding implementation for the Seawater Intrusion Control Loan Bond Program using Proposition 13 funds at the SWRCB’s June 1, 2000 Workshop. The program will continue to follow the current policies and procedures.

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