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Governor's Drinking Water Stakeholder Group

In 2012, the Governor’s Drinking Water Stakeholder Group was established to develop recommendations to address communities’ challenges in dealing with nitrate contamination of drinking water supplies in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley. The group is comprised of representatives from state and local agencies, water organizations, agricultural groups and environmental and consumer organizations. The Stakeholder Group was asked to:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the O&M challenges and the challenges encountered by creative solutions accessing state agency programs.
  2. Identify promising solutions (which may focus on the Tulare and Salinas regions)
  3. Develop a plan with a high likelihood of closing these two gaps.
  4. Make a recommendation to the Governor’s Office.

The group completed the following reports to better the define needs and identify solutions for communities vulnerable to nitrate contamination of their drinking water:

Drinking Water Stakeholder Group Co-Chairs:

David Orth
Kings River Conservation District
Laurel Firestone
Community Water Center