National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Pesticides - Weed Control

The State Water Resources Control Board adopted the Statewide General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for Residual Aquatic Pesticide Discharges to Waters of the United States from Algae and Aquatic Weed Control Applications (Water Quality Order 2013-0002-DWQ) in June 2013. The General Permit became effective on December 1, 2013.

Except for discharges on tribal lands that are regulated by a federal permit, this General Permit covers the point source discharge to waters of the United States of residues resulting from pesticide applications using products containing 2,4-D, acrolein, copper, diquat, endothall, flumioxazin, fluridone, glyphosate, hydrogen peroxide, imazamox, imazapyr, penoxsulam, peroxyacetic acid, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, and triclopyr-based algaecides and aquatic herbicides, and adjuvants containing ingredients represented by the surrogate nonylphenol.

This General Permit covers only discharges of algaecides, and aquatic herbicides that are currently registered for use in California, or that become registered for use and contain the above-listed active ingredients and ingredients represented by the surrogate of nonylphenol.

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The State Water Board’s Executive Director is proposing to amend Water Quality Order 2013-0002-DWQ to add the Casitas Municipal Water District to Attachment G (List of Public Agencies and Mutual Water Companies Granted an Exception Pursuant to State Water Resources Control Board Policy for Implementation of Toxics Standards for Inland Surface Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries of California) of the Aquatic Weed Control Permit.

The State Water Board’s Executive Director will only accept written comments regarding the proposed addition of Casitas Water District to Attachment G of the Aquatic Weed Control Permit. Written comments must be received no later than Friday, September 29, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. (noon)

State Implementation Policy Exception

Section 5.3 of the State Water Board Policy for Implementation of Toxics Standards for Inland Surface Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries of California (Policy) allows exceptions to meeting priority pollutant criteria/objectives if the State Water Board or Regional Water Quality Control Boards determine the exception to be necessary to implement control measures either:

  1. for resource or pest management (i.e., vector or weed control, pest eradication, or fishery management) conducted by public entities or mutual water companies;
  2. for drinking water conducted to fulfill statutory requirements under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act or the California Health and Safety Code.

Dischargers do not need a Policy exception to get covered under State Water Board Order 2013-0002-DWQ. However, since the Order allows an exception to receiving water limitations for acrolein and copper, which are the only two priority pollutants regulated by the Order, dischargers may apply for an exception at their discretion. To get an exception, dischargers must submit the following information to the Program Staff Contact listed below: to the address shown in Item 4 above:

  1. A detailed description of the proposed action, including the proposed method of completing the action;
  2. A time schedule;
  3. A discharge and receiving water quality monitoring plan (before project initiation, during the project, and after project completion, with the appropriate quality assurance and quality control procedures);
  4. Documentation of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act;
  5. Contingency plans;
  6. Identification of alternate water supply (if needed); and
  7. Residual waste disposal plans.

Upon completion of the project, the discharger shall provide certification by a qualified biologist that the receiving water beneficial uses have been restored.


Please Note: The California Water Code requires the State Water Board to adjust the fees each fiscal year to conform with the revenue levels set forth in the California Budget Act. Thus, the fees could change every year.

Notice of Intents, Aquatic Pesticide Application Plans, and Notice of Terminations

Applicant/Discharger Notice of Intent / Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan Comments Due Revised Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan Notice of Termination
City of San Jose NOI & APAP 03/20/2020    
California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Branch NOI & APAP 04/20/2020    
Lake of the Pines Association NOI & APAP 05/07/2020    
California Park Association   05/10/2020 NOI & APAP  
Firebaugh Canal Water District   05/24/2020 NOI & APAP  
City of Alameda, Public Works Department   05/30/2020 NOI & APAP  
Yolo County Resource Conservation District NOI & APAP 06/04/2020    
Vandenberg Air Force Base NOI & APAP 06/22/2020    
Gulf South Research Corporation NOI & APAP 11/30/2020    
West Stanislaus Irrigation District   12/18/2020 APAP  
James Irrigation District   02/19/2021 NOI & APAP  
City of San Mateo   04/19/2021 NOI & APAP  
Indermill Aquatics NOI & APAP


Vista Irrigation District NOI & APAP 05/10/2021    
City of Santa Cruz   05/12/2021 NOI & APAP  
Citizens Development Corporation   06/03/2021 NOI & APAP  
Waterworks Industries Inc   06/21/2021 NOI & APAP  
Woodridge Mutual Water and Property Owners Corp NOI & APAP 07/12/2021    
Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District APAP 10/04/2021    
California Department of Water Resources, South Delta Branch NOI & APAP 11/01/2021    
City of Redwood City   11/01/2021 NOI & APAP  
Turlock Irrigation District   02/06/2022 NOI & APAP  
Henry Miller Reclamation District 04/13/2022 NOI & APAP  
Central California Irrigation District 04/13/2022 NOI & APAP  
Reclamation District 70 NOI & APAP 05/30/2022  
Foster City NOI & APAP 07/15/2022  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stone Lake National Wildlife Refuge   08/22/2022 NOI & APAP  
Indermill Aquatics   08/22/2022 NOI & APAP  
Trinchero Family Estates NOI & APAP 08/22/2022  
East Bay Municipal Utility District   08/22/2022 NOI & APAP  
Twain Harte Community Services District NOI & APAP 08/22/2022  
Riverlake Lake Association NOI & APAP 09/12/2022    
California Department of Fish and Wildlife   09/12/2022 NOI & APAP  
City of Lake Elsinore NOI & APAP 09/19/2022    
Town of Tiburon NOI & APAP 09/19/2022    
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District NOI & APAP 02/06/2023    
Eastside Water District NOI & APAP 02/06/2023    
North Marin Water District NOI & APAP 04/24/2023    
Tuolumne Utilities District NOI & APAP 04/24/2023    
East Bay Regional Park District 04/24/2023 NOI & APAP  
Reclamation District 1601 NOI & APAP 05/08/2023    
California Department of Water Resources 05/24/2023 NOI & APAP  
California Department of Water Resources
Sutter Maintenance Yard
05/24/2023 NOI & APAP  
Indermill Aquatics 10/06/2023 NOI & APAP  
City of Marysville 10/23/2023 NOI & APAP  
County of Sutter NOI & APAP 11/27/2023    
California Department of Water Resources
State Water Project Ecosystem Improvements Branch
NOI & APAP 11/5/2023  
Los Angeles County Flood Control District NOI & APAP 03/20/2024    
Vallejo Mobile Estates NOI & APAP 05/17/2024    
Waterworks Industries   06/17/2024 NOI & APAP  
VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic NOI & APAP 07/05/2024    
Sacramento County, Department of Water Resources   07/5/2024 NOI & APAP  
Toll Brothers West Inc NOI & APAP 07/11/2024

  Comments may be submitted via email to: or by mail to: Gurgagn Chand, at State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality, 1001 I St, 15th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814. Comments received after Noon on the comment due date will not be considered.


Gurgagn Chand
(916) 341-5780