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The Wastewater Operator Certification program (WWOCP) administers Wastewater Treatment Plant Certification examinations, certifications (grades I to V), and certification renewals. Additionally, the WWOCP classifies Wastewater Treatment Plants. Currently, there are approximately 6,000 active certified wastewater treatment plant operators. Since 1972, the State Water Board examines and certifies wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators for competency to operate WWTPs. Since 1994, the State Water Board has registered contract operators to operate WWTPs. As of April 2013, all classified privately owned Wastewater Treatment Plants must have certified wastewater treatment plant operators and now have the same requirements as publically owned WWTPs.

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If you have questions about the Wastewater Operator Certification Program (WWOCP), contact us.

If you have questions about the Drinking Water Operator Certification Program (DWOCP), view the Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution System Operators page.

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Wastewater Operator Certificate Renewals
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