Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Quality System

What is the difference between a (QMP), (QAPrP) and a (QAPP)?

The Quality System is a hierarchy of Quality Assurance documents. A Quality Management Plan (QMP) documents how an organization structures its quality system and describes its quality policies and procedures, criteria, roles, responsibilities and authorities for environmental data. The Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPrP) is more specific and describes the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) policies and general activities of a program. A Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) addresses the project-specific considerations and documents the project's technical planning process for obtaining environmental data.

What is a Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPrP)?

A QAPrP describes the decisions and decision criteria to be used by a regulatory program. A QAPrP should define QA/QC policies and general activities that are implemented to ensure that results of the work performed will generate data of sufficient quality to make decisions. USEPA Guidance for QA Program Plans.


The SWAMP QAPrP describes SWAMPS's quality system, including the responsibilities of management and staff, as well as quality control and sample handling guidelines for both laboratory and field activities.