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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Office of Tank Tester Licensing Program

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) Office of Tank Tester Licensing (OTTL) administers the Tank Tester Licensing Program to protect human health and the environment by establishing minimum qualifications for those who test underground storage tanks and associated piping. The State Water Board OTTL licenses and regulates tank testers under the provisions of Health and Safety Code, Chapter 6.7, Section 25284.4, and the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 17, Sections 2730 through 2802.

Studying Materials

If you have interest in obtaining a California Tank Tester License for the purpose of testing the integrity of tanks and pipe and are in need of study reference material, please contact Ms. Kaitlin Cottrell by email at

  • Study Guide for UST Testers Licensing Examination
  • Reference #1 NFPA 329
  • Reference #2 Chapter 17
  • Reference #3 UST Leak Detection Methods
  • Reference #4 Copyrighted book
  • Reference #5 Excerpt from 40 CFR, Part 280
  • Reference #6 CCR Title 8
  • Reference #7 Causes of Releases - Final Report to US EPA / OUST
  • Reference #8 Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems

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Kaitlin Cottrell, Office of Tank Tester Licensing
Phone: (916) 319-0742

Tom Henderson, Supervisor, Leak Prevention Unit
Phone: (916) 319-9128


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