State Water Board - Water Rights Orders 2019

Order Number Project Description Adoption Date
2019-0033-DWM In the Matter of Violation of Annual Reporting Requirements by LAMB GIANELLI FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP - SETTLEMENT DECISION 06/25/2019
2019-0034-DWM In the Matter of Water Right License 2639 - Lamb Gianelli Family Limited Partnership - ORDER PARTIALLY REVOKING WATER RIGHT 06/25/2019
2019-0053-EXEC Order Approving Settlement - In the Matter of the Unauthorized Diversion and Use by Parties Listed in Order 2019-0053 08/02/2019
2019-0149 In the Matter of Draft Cease and Desist Order and Administrative Civil Liability Complaint against G. Scott Fahey and Sugar Pine Spring Water, LP 09/17/2019