State Water Board - Water Rights Orders 2021

Order Number Project Description Adoption Date
2021-0001 In the Matter of the Administrative Civil Liability Complaint against James V. Simoni - Statement of Water Diversion and Use S000486 - ADMINISTRATIVE CIVIL LIABILITY ORDER 1/5/2021
2021-0002-EXEC In the Matter of Loren and Dolores Ohm (succeeded by Roncone Properties, LLC) - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 1/27/2021
2021-0056-EXEC In the Matter of Permits 12947A, 12949, 12950, and 16596 (Applications 12919A, 15736, 15737, 19351) Sonoma County Water Agency - ORDER APPROVING TEMPORARY URGENCY CHANGE 6/14/2021
2021-0086-EXEC In the Matter of Licenses 10191 and 10192 (Applications 8042 and 8043) held by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power – ORDER APPROVING PETITIONS FOR CHANGEAND ISSUING AMENDED LICENSES 10/1/2021
2021-0087-EXEC In the Matter of Rudy M. Mussi Investment L.P., Rudy M. Mussi, Toni Mussi and Lory C. Mussi, Victoria M. Mussi, Lory C. Mussi Investment L.P. - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 10/11/2021
2021-0088-EXEC In the Matter of Yong Kil Pak and Young Sun Pak - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 10/11/2021
2021-0094 In the matter of the Draft Cease and Desist Order and Administrative Civil Liability Complaint issued by the Division of Water Rights Enforcement Section against Kevin Gonzalves for alleged unauthorized diversions of water within the Canal Creek watershed in Merced County 10/5/2021