Petitions to Modify Fully Appropriated Stream Status of Kings River System

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) has received two petitions and supporting information that request a revision of the Kings River’s fully appropriated stream status in the State Water Board’s Declaration of Fully Appropriated Streams (Declaration) (Order WR 98-08).  The petitioners also filed water right applications to appropriate water from the Kings River in the event that the State Water Board holds a hearing and determines that the Declaration should be revised.  The Chief of the Division of Water Rights (Division) will determine whether reasonable cause exists to conduct a hearing on the question of whether the Declaration should be changed.

Comments and Related Correspondence

Petitions and Associated Applications

  • Semitropic Water Storage District
              Petition | Application | Cover Letter | Attachments | Maps | Photos

  • Consolidated Irrigation District, Fresno Irrigation District, and Alta Irrigation District
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