Hearings Program

Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club - ACL Complaint No. 262.5-27

The purpose of this hearing was for the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to receive evidence relevant to determining whether it should affirm Administrative Civil Liability Complaint No. 262.5 - 27 issued by the Chief of the Division of Water Rights (Division) to Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club (Boulder Creek Golf). On June 28, 2004, the SWRCB issued Order WRO 2004-0032-EXEC that approved a settlement agreement between Boulder Creek Golf and the Division. By letter dated June 29, 2004, Boulder Creek Golf stated that in accordance with Item No. 13 of the settlement agreement, they are withdrawing their request for hearing. Accordingly, the hearing was canceled.

  • 7/9/04 - Notice of Cancellation of Public Hearing
  • 6/28/04 - WRO 2004-0032-EXEC - Order Approving Settlement Agreement
  • 6/10/04 - Notice of Public Hearing