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Requirements Checklist

Use this tool to determine the Agricultural Order requirements for each individual ranch in your operation.

First, type your Global ID in the box below. To find this number, log onto GeoTracker, then select [EDIT RANCH INFO] next to your ranch of interest. The Global ID is located to the right of your ranch name. Please contact if you need assistance logging in.

Next, select the year of interest from the drop-down menu. Finally, select "View your Requirements Checklist" to display the requirements for your ranch. If no year is selected, the current year will be automatically displayed. Please note, some browsers may require the page to be reloaded between ranch searches.

Alternatively, you can manually select your ranch's third-party membership status, groundwater phase area and surface water priority area and view your requirements checklist.

If you would like to view requirements for another year, use the dropdown below:

Contact Information & Feedback

We want your feedback to improve this tool! Visit our Irrigated Lands Program Requirements Checklist Feedback Form to provide your thoughts and suggestions.

Direct all other feedback and questions to the Irrigated Lands Program at (805) 549-3148 or