Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) Treatment - Permanent Regulations


Assembly Bill 434 (Statutes of 2015, Chapter 663, Garcia) amended and adopted Health and Safety Code (H&SC) sections 116380 and 116552. Pursuant to H&SC section 116380, the State Water Board adopted emergency regulations pertaining to the use of POU and POE treatment on March 15, 2016. The emergency regulations remained in effect until January 1, 2018. On February 6, 2018, the State Water Board adopted permanent regulations for POU and POE treatment to fulfill the statutory requirements. The standard regulations are consistent with the emergency regulations and the use limits in H&SC sections 116380 and 116552. The standard regulations include requirements from section 116380, which limits the use of POU and POE treatment to public water systems with fewer than 200 service connections, and section 116552, which limits the use of POU and POE treatment to 3 years or until funding for centralized treatment is available (whichever occurs first).

SWDDW-17-003 Point-of-Use/Point-of-Entry Treatment - Permanent Regulations

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