Reporting Requirements (SWRCB-DDW-21-002E)

Information and Documentation Pertaining to This Emergency Regulatory Action

Section Affected

California Code of Regulations: Title 22 Section 64469

History of Rulemaking Proceedings

  • Notice of Emergency Action: TBD
  • Date of Scheduled Meeting for Board Approval: TBD
  • Date filed with Office of Administrative Law: TBD
  • Close of the OAL Public Comment Period: TBD
  • Approved by Office of Administrative Law: TBD

Filed with the Secretary of State: TBD

Effective Date: TBD

Status of Proposal

This emergency rulemaking is in progress.

Inquiries regarding the contents of these regulations may be directed to:

Name: Eric Miguelino


Rulemaking Documentation

Complete Rulemaking Documentation Files

  • TBD