Water Supply Strategy

Water Supply Strategy

In August 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom released California's Water Supply Strategy (WSS) - Adapting to a Hotter Drier Future, which outlines a strategy and priority actions to adapt and protect water supplies from the effects of rising temperatures and drier conditions due to climate change. Priority actions include increasing stormwater capture, improving water conservation, developing new water through recycling and desalination, and expanding water storage. This webpage provides links to the Water Boards' documents and programs that address WSS priority actions.

Water Supply Strategy Deliverables

Water Supply Strategy Priority Actions Water Boards' Deliverables
Work with local water and sanitation agencies to identify recycled water projects that hold the potential to be operational by 2030 and by no later than 2040. State Water Resources Control Board Water Supply Strategy Implementation Planned Recycled Water Projects December 2023 - Released December 2023
Convene a Recycled Water Strike Team to support planned recycled water projects by assisting to resolve permitting and funding obstacles.

The Strike Team was convened in 2023. Project proponents seeking support to resolve permitting or funding challenges may request assistance from the Strike Team by contacting:

Laura McLellan, Recycled Water Unit, Division of Water Quality
Email: Laura.McLellan@Waterboards.ca.gov

Review groundwater basins impaired by salts and nutrients and determine the volume of water available for brackish groundwater desalination by January 2024. State Water Resources Control Board Water Supply Strategy Implementation Water Available For Brackish Groundwater Desalination - Released December 2023
Develop siting criteria for seawater desalination facilities to streamline permitting. Seawater Desalination Siting and Streamlining Report to Expedite Permitting - Released December 2023

Additional Information and Resources

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If you have any questions about the State Water Boards' work concerning the Water Supply Strategy, please contact:

Jonathan Williams
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