Groundwater Management Program

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

California depends on groundwater for a major portion of its annual water supply, particularly during times of drought. This reliance on groundwater has resulted in overdraft and unsustainable groundwater usage in many of California’s basins. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was enacted in order to halt overdraft and bring groundwater basins into balanced levels of pumping and recharge. SGMA requires local agencies adopt sustainability plans for high- and medium-priority groundwater basins. Under SGMA, basins must reach sustainability within 20 years of implementing their plans. The long-term planning required by SGMA will provide a buffer against drought and climate change and contribute to reliable water supplies regardless of weather patterns in the State.

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State Intervention

Learn about State Intervention and how to avoid the “State Backstop”

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Reporting and Fees

Get information on annual extraction reporting requirements and fees for pumpers in Unmanaged Areas or Probationary Basins

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SGMA Status

Map and information about Unmanaged Areas and Probationary Basins

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Resources for GSAs

Access helpful links and materials including State Water Board’s SGMA Fact Sheets

Visit the SGMA History and Development page for more information on the development of this landmark law.

News and Announcements

The Groundwater Management Program has a new Groundwater Quality Visualization tool.

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Takes Next Steps Towards Groundwater Sustainability.
The California Department of Water Resources has completed the official assessments for the first-ever groundwater sustainability plans developed by local agencies and submitted in 2020 to set and achieve sustainability goals over a 20-year period. (2/4/2022)

Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order N-7-22 to address drought conditions. (3/28/2022)

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Any plaintiff seeking a comprehensive groundwater adjudication should provide notice of the adjudication to the State Water Resources Control Board as required by California Code of Civil Procedure section 835, subdivision (a)(6).

The State Water Resources Control Board requests that notice be provided to all the following persons. Notice by electronic mail is preferred:

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For service of any pleading naming the State Water Resources Control Board, please also follow the electronic service of process guidelines at the California State Water Resources Control Board Laws & Regulations.

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