Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Control Program

Education and Outreach

Environmental education increases public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues or problems. In doing so, it provides the public with the necessary skills to make informed decisions and take responsible action.

NPS Tool Box

NPS Program Postera poster that described briefly on how the program and funding works, causes of NPS, monitoring activities, and NPS tools.

NPS Acronyms – is a webpage that contains acronyms used in the NPS Program.

Water Board Education and Outreach – this link contains valuable information, tools and activities designed to reach out to municipalities, service clubs, civic organizations, watershed groups, youths and other members of the general public.

Polluted Runoff: NPS Pollution – a USEPA webpage that provides more information on things you can do to prevent NPS Pollution.

Management Measure Quick Reference Guide

  • AgricultureOrchards, Row Crops, Grazing, Confined Animals
  • ForestryTimber Harvest, Recreational Use
  • Urban AreasPolluted runoff from cities
  • MarinasRecreational Boating
  • HydromodificationDams, Canals, Channelization, Water Diversions
  • WetlandsRiparian Areas and Vegetated Treatment Systems

Management Measures for NPS Pollution in Coastal Waters – this USEPA webpage contains guidance specifying management measures for NPS pollution in the coastal waters.


Management Practice MP Miner

Management Practice (MP) Miner Poster – The MP Miner poster describes what kind of information is needed for the database.

Management Practices (MP) Miner Tool – A compendium of document NPS pollution management practices. MP Miner provides a list of management practices that can be used to reduce the effects of various pollutants in the waterbody.

NPS Encyclopedia

NPS Encyclopedia Poster – A reference guide to show the contents of the NPS Encyclopedia

NPS Management Measures Encyclopedia– A reference guide designed to facilitate a basic understanding of NPS pollution control and to provide quick access to information from a variety of sources.