Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Control Program


Reports provide a mechanism to measure and evaluate what the NPS program do and how the environment is responding to our actions. Reporting is part of our overall effort towards developing as performance-based program.

Annual Report

Annual report focuses on efforts and activities during the fiscal year. Some of these activities are specific to those aspects of the NPS Programs and other activities show a broader approach that utilize multi-agency collaboration to address NPS pollution control.


SP-12, formerly Measure Ws, track where watershed quality conditions have improved by utilizing a watershed approach. The purpose of a measure W report is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the watershed approach.

  • NPS SP-12 - Updated Regional Water Board SP-12

Archive of Other Reports

WQ-10 Success Stories

Success stories document how restoration efforts have improved primarily NPS impaired waterbodies. Water quality improvements are demonstrated through the achievement of water quality standards for one or pollutants.