UST Program – Available Local Guidance (LG) Letters

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Letters 160-171 Description
Permanent Closure of Underground Storage Tanks that do not meet Health and Safety Code, Chapter 6.7, Section 25291, Subdivisions (a)(1)-(6)
Collection of Tank Owner BOE Account Number
Clarification of Requirements for Vapor Condensate Traps
Qualifications & Scope of Work for UST Installers and Service Technicians
LG 166 UNDER REVISION Guidelines for Testing Spill Buckets  »»  Enclosure - Spill Bucket Test Report Form
UNDER REVISION Storage Tanks in Containment Structures Located Beneath the Surface of the Ground Health and Safety Code Section 25283.5 Exemption
LG 164-4
Reporting of Technical Compliance Rate (For use on or after July 1, 2020)
LG 163-1 UNDER REVISION General Recommendations for Testing Leak Detection Sensors.
 »»  Enclosure 1 - General Recommendations for Testing Leak Detection Sensors.
 »»  Enclosure 2 - Vacuum/Pressure Sensor Certification Form
LG 162-5 Installation and Monitoring Requirements for Underground Storage Tanks Installed on or after July 1, 2003 (12/12/19)
Enhanced Leak Detection (3/25/08)
LG 160
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Secondary Containment Testing
Letters 150-159 Description
LG 159
UNDER REVISION Annual Underground Storage Tank Compliance Inspection
 »» Enclosure - Annual Underground Storage Tank Compliance Inspection Handbook
LG 158
New Landowner Notification and Participation Requirements
LG 152
UNDER REVISION Aboveground Piping Associated With an Underground Storage Tank System
LG 151-3
Bulk Field-constructed Underground Storage Tanks Monitoring and Compliance
Underground Storage Tank Overfill Prevention Systems
(previous title: Ball Float Vent Valve vs. Fill Tube Positive Shutoff Valve
Letters 140-149 Description
LG 145-2
Clarification of Corrosion Specialist and Cathodic Protection Tester
LG 143
Regulatory Status of Hydrant Fueling Systems at California Airports
LG 141
Permanent Hydraulic Fuel Tank Exemption
Letters 130-139 Description
LG 139-2

Reporting Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Results (Supersedes LG 139-1)
 »» Attachment 1  |  Attachment 2
LG 138
Rescission - Regulation of Dispenser Piping and Related Equipment
LG 136-1
UNDER REVISION Interior Lining and Cathodic Protection of USTs
Letters 120-129 Description
LG 125-1 Product Level Requirement for Tank Testing Methods
LG 122
Applicability of the Closure Regulations To Tank Decommissioned Before January 1, 1984
Letters 110-119 Description
LG 119-1
Certification of Underground Storage Tank Installations
LG 118
Underground Storage Tank Tank Test Result Reporting
LG 116
Regulation of Compartmental Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
LG 113
List of Leak Detection Equipment and Methods for Underground Storage Tanks
Letters 1-110 Description
LG 109-1
Regulatory Status of Farm Tanks and Heating Oil Tanks
LG 107
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Underground Storage Tanks
LG 105
Licensed Tank Testers and Tank Testing Companies
LG 56
Third Party Responsibility for Unauthorized Release Reporting
LG 50
Proposition 65 Disclosure
LG 48-5
UNDER REVISION Contractors' Licensing and Certification Requirements for Installation, Removal, and Upgrade of Underground Storage Tanks