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UST Program - Available Local Guidance (LG) Letters

UST Program - Local Guidance (LG) 119-1


July 19, 1994

To: Local Agencies and Interested Parties

The State UST regulations require tank owners or their agents to certify that their UST systems, including piping, were installed properly. Form C, shown in Appendix V of the regulations, is used for this purpose and should be provided to persons seeking permission from the local agency to install tanks or piping. Form C has not changed. A separate Form C is needed for each UST system installation and for any subsequent revision to that system.

If piping connected to a tank is replaced but the tank is not, Form C must be submitted. If both tank and piping are installed or replaced, only one Form C needs to be submitted for both tank and piping.

After installation, completed Forms C are to be returned to the LIA. Tank owners (or their agents) must mark all boxes on the form that apply. In order to meet State and federal requirements, at a minimum, the 1st, 4th, and 5th boxes must be marked. In addition, the 2nd or 3rd box must be marked.

A summary of the changes to LG-119 is enclosed.

If you have any questions, contact David Holtry at (916) 227-4332.


[Original signed by:]
James George Giannopoulos
Supervising Engineer



Summary of Changes to LG-119

1) Appendix VI was changed to V in the newly amended regulations.

2) LG-119 did not discuss piping replacements. The definition of UST includes the associated piping and therefore Form C covers piping. However, LG-119-1 discusses piping specifically to eliminate misunderstanding.

3) The local agencies no longer need to mail a copy of Form C to Input Systems (SWEEPS database).

4) There has been some misunderstanding concerning the completion of Section II of Form C. LG-119-1 explains which boxes must be marked.

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