TMDL Malibu Septic Prohibition Public Comments

Underground Storage Tank

Public comments regarding Low-Threat Underground Storage Tank Case Closure Policy

Agency / Organization / Interested Party Representative
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zone 7 G.F Duerig
Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Ariu Levi
Donna Drogos
Jerry Wickham
Alameda County Water District John Weed
Alameda County Water District Walter Wadlow
ARCADIS U.S. Inc. Martin Hamann
Bleau Fox Thomas Bleau
California Independent Oil Marketers Association Jay McKeeman
ClearWater Group Olivia Jacobs
Robert Nelson
ClearWater Group Olivia Jacobs
County of Santa Clara, Department of Environmental Health Dennis Kalson
County of Santa Cruz Tim Fillmore
Department of Toxic Substances Control Greg Holmes
EnviroTech Fred Ousey
EquoLogic Erin Garner
Frey Environmental, Inc. Ed Rands
Frey Environmental, Inc. Joe Frey
Frey Environmental, Inc. John Payne
Frey Environmental, Inc. Josh Moeller
Frey Environmental, Inc. Sawyer Jones
Frey Environmental, Inc. Walter Bell
G&M Oil Company, Inc. Jennifer Talbert
General Public Glenn Barton
General Public Joyce Dillard
General Public Kevin Brown
General Public Larry Turner
Groundwater Resources Association Sarah Raker
Grubb & Ellis Company Mike Kalmanson
Howard S. Mehler, Ph.D., J.D. & Associates Incorporated Howard Mehler
Indus Valley American Chamber of Commerce Sukh Singh
James V. DeMera III Attorney at Law James DeMera
Klinedinst Jason Scott
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment David Siegel
Ragghianti Freitas LLP Riley Hurd
Redding Oil Company Jack Reiser
Remediation Testing and Design, Inc. Howard Whitney
Robinson Oil Corporation Thomas Robinson
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Bruce Wolfe
Santa Clara Valley Water District Joan Maher
Stanford University Real Estate Office Annette Walton
Teri L. Copeland, M.S., DABT Environmental Toxicologist Teri Copeland
Trihydro William Glenn
Western States Petroleum Association Patty Senecal


  • Please email Kevin Graves, UST Program Manager or phone (916) 341-5782