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Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund (Fund) provides a means for petroleum UST owners and operators to meet the federal and state requirements of maintaining financial responsibility to pay for any damages arising from their tank operations. The Fund assists a large number of small businesses and individuals by providing reimbursement for expenses associated with the cleanup of leaking USTs. The Fund also provides money to the Regional Water Boards and local regulatory agencies to abate emergency situations or to cleanup abandoned sites that pose a threat to human health, safety, and the environment, as a result of a UST petroleum release.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the protection of California's public health, and water quality through (1) establishing an alternative mechanism to meet Financial Responsibility requirements for owners and operators of petroleum USTs, and (2) reimbursing eligible corrective action costs incurred in the cleanup of contamination resulting from the unauthorized release of petroleum from USTs.