State Water Board - Water Rights Orders 2020

Order Number Project Description Adoption Date
2020-0101-DWR In the Matter of the Status of the Water Within the Coyote Valley Basin Aquifer in Lake County 07/10/2020
2020-0102-EXEC In the Matter of Permits 12947A, 12949, 12950, and 16596 (Applications 12919A, 15736, 15737, 19351) Sonoma County Water Agency ORDER APPROVING TEMPORARY URGENCY CHANGE 07/28/2020
2020-0104-EXEC In the Matter of Violation of Order WR 2012-0036-DWR by GARBERVILLE SANITARY DISTRICT - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 08/26/2020
2020-0113-EXEC In the Matter of Eddie Vierra Farms (Home Ranch, Woods Ranch, Walker Ranch) - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS 12/7/2020
2020-0114-EXEC In the Matter of The George Speckman Testamentary Trust - ORDER APPROVING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 12/21/2020