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(OIMA) Office of Information Management & Analysis:
SWAMP - Data Management FTP

Note: Security certificates will be updated soon. Please ignore warning for now.

Go to: Data Management FTP

OIMA Data Management FTP

The OIMA Data Management FTP is provided for the upload and download of SWAMP data entry shells, tools, and related files only.
If you have questions please contact OIMA Help Desk.

Submitting Files via FTP

Use the "Incoming" folder to upload data entry shells, spreadsheets, customized tools that need to be updated, and other related files.
Shells and files may be uploaded to the OIMA Data Management FTP at any time.

Please notify State Water Board staff once the file has been uploaded by sending a confirmation email to: OIMA Help Desk.
In the email subject line, please include the text "File Submitted to the OIMA Data Management FTP".

In the body of the email please identify:

  • The name(s) of the file(s) you uploaded.
  • The date that the file was uploaded.
  • A brief description of the file. Example: "Bioassessment field data entry shell for American River Project in March 2014 through January 2015"
  • Include reasoning for upload. Example "Submitted for upload into the SWAMP Database."
  • Identify who to contact should we have questions.