San Francisco Bay/Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta) Program

Update of the Bay-Delta Plan: Delta Outflows, Sacramento River and Delta Tributary Inflows, Cold Water Habitat and Interior Delta Flows

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is in the process of a review and update of the 2006 Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta) (referred to as the 2006 Bay-Delta Plan). The Bay-Delta Plan identifies beneficial uses of water in the Bay-Delta, water quality objectives for the reasonable protection of those beneficial uses, and a program of implementation for achieving the water quality objectives. The proposed changes to the Bay-Delta Plan include: new inflow requirements for the Sacramento River, its tributaries, and eastside tributaries to the Delta (the Mokelumne, Calaveras and Cosumnes rivers); new and modified Delta outflow requirements; new requirements for cold water habitat; new and modified interior Delta flow requirements; recommendations for complementary ecosystem protection actions that others should take; and adaptive management, monitoring, evaluation, special study, and reporting provisions. The update includes consideration of voluntary agreements. Information concerning the State Water Board's review of the Bay-Delta Plan can be found on the Bay-Delta Program Planning Efforts web page.

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