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The Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program includes the online database called the GAMA Groundwater Information System, or for short, GAMA GIS. This publicly accessible online database meets one of the goals of the GAMA Program, to make groundwater quality information accessible to the public.  


The GAMA Groundwater Information System integrates and displays water quality data from various sources on an interactive Google-based map. The system centralizes and increases the availability of groundwater information to the public and decision makers. Analytical tools, reporting features, and download capabilities help users assess groundwater quality and identify potential groundwater issues in California. The GAMA GIS contains approximately 78 million standardized analytical results from over 282,000 wells throughout the state. Data is compiled from multiple sources and includes well chemical data and depth to water measurements. Improvements and additions are continually added as system needs change.

The new GAMA GIS Data Connection Tool is now available under early release! If you have datasets you would like standardized into the GAMA GIS, please use this tool. If you have any questions, write us at

New! We are beginning a video tutorial series for users of the GAMA GIS. These short, informational videos provide assistance to users in a wide range of system topics, like “Querying and Downloading Groundwater Data,” and “Understanding Your Download.” More video tutorials will be added soon! See the available tutorials below. 


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